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Musée - easily changeable wheels

Musée - easily changeable wheels

Easily Changeable Wheels, 
Showcase Your Unique Style

The new Musée series luggage from OUMOS features a unique design that allows you to easily change the color and pattern of the wheels, showcasing your personal style. Whether you prefer bright colors or unique patterns, OUMOS luggage can meet your needs, giving your travel gear a fresh new look.

High-Quality PU Material,
Smooth Navigation

We use high-quality PU material to manufacture the wheels, which effectively reduces resistance even on rough roads, providing a smooth moving experience. Additionally, the PU material has excellent shock absorption properties, effectively protecting your luggage from damage.

Upgraded Bearing Structure,
Smooth as Silk To further enhance

the user experience, we have added high-precision bearings to the wheel structure. This improvement makes the luggage glide more smoothly during movement, reducing the effort required for pulling and allowing you to travel effortlessly, saving more energy for your wonderful journey.

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