The Story

The story began when our founder, Mr. H, was travelling to Normandy, France to visit his brohther-in-law. His brother-in-law had an unusual collection of military crates – all memoir left from the war. As the night carries on, Mr.H became more and more fond of the war stories and the military crates – he was fascinated by their shape, durability, and seemingly limitless storage space.

Before visiting Normandy, Mr.H was searching for the perfect luggage that only needed to possess two elements: stylish and durable. However, to his frustration, all the suitcases on the market are either designed for the suits and ties, or the suitcases are simply not durable at all.

Inspired by his encounter in Normandy, Mr.H decided to create his own line of luggage. A brand that is not only durable but also inspired by style and freedom.