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Double Proof Series - Orange Clementine 99L

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Double Proof Series

Orange Clementine S-312

Weight: 5.04kg

Volume: 99L

Dimensions: H75.7 x W38 x D43.6 cm 

100% Polycarbonate

5-year warranty

$680 USD

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Double Proof
Quand l'innovation rencontre l'artisanat

Double Proof technology is the first of its kind in the luggage industry, and our Orange Clementine Container is protected by Double Proof - a matt coated, lacquered polycarbonate shell designed to fight and mask unsightly but inevitable scratches for tough travellers.




100% Bayer Makrolon® PC

The CONSTAINER Series uses 100% polycarbonate shell from Bayer Makrolon® in Germany, Polycarbonate shells offer a flexible surface, meaning the shell will bounce back upon impact to avoid minimal dents and damage to the luggage.




Lightweight Design

An empty weight of 5.04kg: made with the world's best materials, ensuring that nothing makes you heavier during your travels around the world.

TSA approved locking system

Travel with peace of mind thanks to our TSA-certified locking system, applicable in 86 countries.


World class 360 Degree Silent Gliding Wheels

A good set of wheel determines the lifespan of your luggage. We use the best of the best – patented Japanese HIMONOTO wheels – allowing you to travel effortlessly and silently whether it is on a carpet or gravel road.



To ensure our luggage live up to the best, we crafted a series of lab tests simulating extreme travel conditions. But, first and foremost, it's on the road that we continuously put them to the test, facing real-life travel conditions, always looking for ways of betterment.


We repeatedly drop over-loaded luggage on all faces, edges and wheels from chest-height


We roll over-loaded luggage on an irregular treadmill belt, on 2 and 4 wheels, for 35km / 20 miles


After freezing over-loaded luggage for 4h, we tumble them in a large trunk containing sharp protruding blocks


We drop over-loaded luggage from a fixed height, 500 times hanging from the top handle, then another 500 hanging from the side handle


We over heat luggage at 60°C / 140°F for 4h, to check for heat-induced distortions and dislocations


Our luggage are constantly tested on the road by our brand ambassadors, providing insights to improve our luggage, always